Video Consultation

The introduction of video consultations is to adhere and follow Government and NHS advice, is to minimise the risks of exposure to COVID-19 to patients, the public and healthcare staff.

Online Consultations can be helpful for:

1. Patients with symptoms of or confirmed Covid-19 infection.
2. For patients who are high risk of COVID-19 infection.
3. For patients who are worried about attending appointments.
4. For patients with heightened anxiety – video consultation may be more reassuring than a phone call.
5. To maintain social distancing.

What does a video consultation involve here at STEEL Physiotherapy;

1. Brief conversation to ensure a video consultation is suitable.
2. Arrange an appointment time that suits you.
3. 5-min online questionnaire prior to the appointment.
4. Video consultation and movement assessment.
5. Individually tailored rehabilitation programme with video instruction delivered to your phone.
6. The ability to stay in contact with us during your rehabilitation through the rehabilitation/exercise app.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 07512112202 or email